Dear friends
I was drawn into a debate with conventional implantologists on the efficacy and long term survival of basal implants. My 9 years experience with basal implants (now renamed Strategic Implants by Prof Stefan Ihde) has been extremely fulfilling… and as promised to some of my friends, I’m glad to post a case here, which we completed close to 5 years ago. In this case, the lower jaw was done by me and the upper jaw done by Dr Vivek Gaur.

I was heavily criticized when I posted this about 3 years ago… one of them went on to say that these are all going to fall off within 6 months… but… please see the results you can achieve with these smooth surface implants engaging the basal cortical bone regions.


I keep reviewing this patient at least once in 2 months.


Basal , immediate loading implants (BCS Implants from Dr Ihde Dental, Switzerland) have been used to fix teeth in a 49 years old edentulous patient who has been wearing dentures for 3 years.

The maxillary sinuses in the highly atrophied maxilla were bypassed using tubero-pterygoid screws & short implants along the sinus floor. In the mandible, the inferior dental nerve was bye-passed in the molar regions with the BCS implants.basal-implants-2

An interim cross arch metal-acrylic prosthesis was provided to the patient which was replaced with a Metal-Adoro prosthesis after 1 year.

Adoro resin (bonded to metal frame) prostheses have been provided for the patient in the upper & lower jaws.

Special gingival colored resin has been used to provide the gingival contours of the prostheses, giving it a natural appearance

Please note: A video presentation of the CBCT done on this case about a year ago will be posted soon…