The patient… a young businessman from Doha… who came to our center about a year ago for implant supported fixed teeth.

He was advised complex bone grafting procedures (sinus lift) in the right upper jaw where there was bone deficiency… and he contacted us upon knowing that we routinely perform graft-less immediate loading implant procedures at our center.

We provided him with fixed teeth in the right upper jaw within 72 hrs of implantation during his first visit in Oct. 2016. We have placed implants engaging the floor and walls of the rt. maxillary sinus and also bypassed the root of the right upper canine to engage excellent cortical bone with the smooth surface BECES implants.

Once back in Doha, some of his doctor friends who had no exposure to immediate loading strategic implantology procedures, commented adversely and said that all the implants should be removed as they encroached into the sinus space and are definitely going to create trouble for him in the future. However, the patient was pretty confident that everything will go right as he had been educated thoroughly on Strategic Implantology even before he was taken up for the implant procedures last year. He was also shown scores of cases similar to that of his, which had been managed at our center employing basal (Strategic) implants.

After an uneventful year, the patient reported back last week for this final prostheses. We sectioned out his interim prostheses and proceeded to give him the final PFM prostheses.




Immediate Load Strategic Implants employed avoiding sinus lifts



1 year post treatment situation with Basal Implant Supported prostheses